Camera Arts Club of Petaluma

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Our Artists

Kevin Frates

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I am pretty simply a guy with a camera and a passion for photography. 

My parents presented me with a simple point and shoot style film camera when I was very young. Flash forward (so very very) many years later and I remain as enamored as ever with the art of photography. I arguably shoot less photos of my toys now and more of events, people and places and of course my equipment has morphed over time as well but what drives me is unchanged. I still feel immense excitement and utter enjoyment looking through the view finder.

It is my sincerest hope that you take an anthropological view of my images. Photographs are my personal attempt to capture and share the culture, social customs, and character of the people and world around me. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share these images with you.

Tony Johnson

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I had no idea my decision would spark a life-long passion. I had just gotten out of the Army and I was longing for freedom, so I bought a backpack and left for Europe for the summer. Meeting people from other countries, exploring ancient castles, swimming in the Aegean Sea and experiencing the joy of new friendships, I had never felt more alive. I wanted to capture some of these moments, so one day I walked into a small camera store in Germany and walked out with a 35mm Minolta camera. That was 45 years ago.

I wore out that old camera and have upgraded my gear many times. What has never worn out is my curiosity and sense of wonder. I love to get up early and catch the stars, the light and the darkness. I have a deep and abiding interest in street photography. I am intrigued by the constantly changing flow of people and interactions that exist in the city. I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers in my camera tribe, primarily those that meet with me once a month in this club. The opportunities to learn how to see in new ways are as limitless as my joy. I’ve got to go now, the world is calling and my hands need the weight of my camera again. I hope to see you out there . . .

Lucy Aron

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