Camera Arts Club of Petaluma

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Fire and Rain, Tony Johnson

This club was founded in January, 2007. Our membership consists of a supportive group of people from varied backgrounds who share a common passion for the art of photography. We take great pleasure in learning and sharing our knowledge with each other and in growing as photographers. We have discovered that studying our collective images helps all of us widen and deepen our vision of the world and increases our abilities. Club members support each other’s art in an encouraging, respectful and inspiring environment. Our group is not about competition, it is all about becoming the best photographers we can be.  

We meet from 10 A.M. to noon on the second Saturday of each month. Activities include group discussions and periodic club field trips. Members will receive feedback about their photos and have an opportunity to share any thoughts about their images. Please bring three 8 X 10 or larger images to share at each meeting.  There are suggested themes for each month. It is fun to see each photographer's own particular interpretation of the theme. Themes are always optional.

• All members are asked to make a commitment to attend a majority of our monthly meetings.
• There is a $50 yearly membership fee which pays for website maintenance and the facilitator’s leadership, which includes screening of new members, time management of meetings, organizing field trips and other administrative duties.

Please note that our club is currently not accepting new members at this time.

Meeting schedule for 2015-2016 along with monthly themes. 
11/14- Abandoned
12/12- Something completely different


1/9/16- A photo of a complete stranger
2/13- Hands
3/12- Architecture
4/9- A photo by you or someone else that inspires you
5/14- Reserved for Dreams
6/11- Uncommon view of something common
7/9- Meditative
8/13- Unsettling
9/10- Serendipity
10/8- A study of illumination
11/12- Poems in black and white
12/10- Outside the Box

1/14/17- Freedom from Rules
2/11/17- Series, Any Subject
3/11/17- Liquid
4/8/17- Playing with Shadows
5/13/17- Action
6/10/17- Age
7/8/17- Unexpected
8/12/17- Humor
9/9/17- Minimalism
10/14/17- Red
11/11/17- The Human Spirit
12/9/17- Outside the Box

1/13/18- Something Wild
2/10/18- Flowing
3/10/18- Expansive
4/14/18- Introspective
5/12/18- Political
6/9/18- Series, Any Subject
7/14/18- Community
8/11/18- Dreamlike
9/8/18- Reflections
10/13/18- Poignant
11/10/18- Patterns
12/8/18- Outside the Box

Facilitator - Tony Johnson has been supporting creative expression and leading groups as a Marriage and Family Therapist for more than 40 years. He totally committed to excellence as a photographer.

"I think art keeps its newness because it’s at once unforgettable and impossible to remember entirely.  Art is too volatile, multiple and evaporative to hold on to. It’s more chemical reaction, one you have to re-create each time, than a substance.  Art’s discoveries are also, almost always, counter to ordinary truths.  Evolution tells us how to survive, art tells us how it’s possible still to live even while knowing that we and all we love will someday vanish. It says there’s beauty even in grief, freedom even inside the strictures of form and of life. What’s liberating isn’t what’s simplest; it’s the ability to include more and more shadows, colors and possibilities inside any moment’s meeting of self and world."
- Jane Hirshfield, Poet